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Aqua-Vend - Bus Vending Machine

Compact water Vending Machines, specially made of Buses. Single selection Column Vending Machine – 33 product capacity – 500 ml Bottles 32-bit high-quality ARM Microprocessor Fixed Payment system via Coin Selector Robust Metal Casing Double – Level Lock Mechanism Static Cooling System maintaining the temperature at +8oC via Mechanic Thermostat Secure Double-Fuse protected Electrical system.…

Maxi Buffet- Combo

The Maxi-Buffet® is a high-capacity full-view glass-front combination vending machine which can dispense snacks and cold drinks at different temperature zones. It's robust built is designed to withstand various conditions ideal vending machine for crowded international airports, metro, or bus stations, universities, colleges and other public places. PAYMENT SYSTEMS (OPTIONAL) CAPACITIVE TOUCH KEYPAD…

Maxi Kafe

The Maxi-Cafe® is a high capacity instant coffee vending machine, offering 18 hot drinks by Direct Selection for large offices or workplaces.Easy to use, reliable and powerful Maxi-Cafe® will provide an increase of your vending operations. LARGE GRAPHICAL LCD DIGITAL PIN CODE ENTRY FAST & RELIABLE SERVICE PECULIAR DESIGN EASY PRODUCT LOADING PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION SPECIAL DESIGN CHANGE GIVER…

Vend ICE Midi

Cooling temperature system combined with the latest vending technology packed in a compact size machine. This machine is designed to provide Low temperatures at user-friendly power usage PAYMENT SYSTEMS (OPTIONAL) CAPACITIVE TOUCH KEYPAD CHANGE GIVER MAX SIZE/CAPACITY RATIO COIN SELECTOR FAST & RELIABLE SERVICE BILL VALIDATOR PECULIAR DESIGN CASHLESS PAYMENT SYSTEMS DIGITAL PIN CODE ENTRY GSM/GPRS…

Supplement Vendor

Supplement Vendor is our new vending machine for Fitness Centres and Gyms. Provides six different drinks which no other can provide. It is the perfect Vendor to avoid clumps in your protein drinks. The mixing is as strong as shaken by hand for more than 200 times. The only one if its kind. EASY PRODUCT LOADING 100 CUPS/HOUR CAPACITIVE TOUCH KEYPAD SPECIAL DESIGN 18-30 SEC DELIVERY TIME 330 CUP CAPACITY…

Midi- Mobi

Midi-Mobi is special product designed Mobile Accessory Vending. This machine is widely used in Barcelona metro station. This product is also been supplied to many other customers. Some of the salient features are as follows ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY EVA-DTS IR PRODUCT DELIVERY SENSOR CHANGE GIVER EASY PRODUCT LOADING COIN SELECTOR DIGITAL PIN CODE ENTRY RELIABLE SERVICE MAX SIZE/CAPACITY RATIO ALARM…

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