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Midi Kafe Starter Package

1 pack 400 gr. Coffee1 pack  1000 gr. Milk Powder                                                          1 pack  1000 gr.Tea                              …

Maxi Kafe Starter Package

1 pack 400 gr. Coffee1  pack 1000 gr. Milk Powder                                                           1  pack 1000 gr. Tea                            …

Tru-Vend Social Media Vending Machine

Tru-Vend Social Media Vending Machine

Slim Line Vending Machine Tru-VEND Midi Buffet

A next generation vending machine with innovative platform and engineering so as to providing maximum operating efficiency and flexibility. Excellent capacity for smaller locations with base stand or can be wall-mounted EASY PRODUCT LOADING 10 SELECTIONS PAYMENT SYSTEMS (OPTIONAL) COIN SELECTOR CASHLESS PAYMENT SYSTEMS BILL VALIDATOR ALARM AGAINST VANDALISM CHANGE GIVER WALL-MOUNT OR STAND ALONE TOUCH…

Heating Module

Vending machine heating moduleThermostat protectedSafety measures have been taken

Supplemet Vending Machine Tru-VEND Supplement Vendor

Supplement Vendor is our new vending machine for Fitness Centres and Gyms. Provides six different drinks which no other can provide. It is the perfect Vendor to avoid clumps in your protein drinks. The mixing is as strong as shaken by hand for more than 200 times. The only one if its kind. EASY PRODUCT LOADING 100 CUPS/HOUR CAPACITIVE TOUCH KEYPAD SPECIAL DESIGN 18-30 SEC DELIVERY TIME 330 CUP CAPACITY…