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Electronic Box Vending Machine

The Electronic Box Vending Machine gets its name from the products it can sell boxed products of various sizes! Its three-axis adjustable columns can be calibrated according to buyer's requirements to fit the required box size.

One button product selection after inserting the right coin is all that is required by its users to get their desired products. The mechanism of the Electronic Box Vending Machine is driven by electronic motors and can also be equipped to work with an optional battery pack. Bi-colour LED status indicators, wall-mounting design, optional stand, large advertisement space, robust built with two mechanical locks, are some of the many features of the Electronic Box Vending Machine.

  • 4 Selections, Wall Mount
  • Electronic High Capacity Box Vending Machine with Motor Driven Products.
  • 3 Axis Adjustable Column Design as per the Box Dimensions enabling wide range of box sizes dispensed through the vending machine.
  • Bi-Colour GREEN/RED Empty/Loaded Indicators
  • Optional Attachments
  • ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Electronic Card for Sleep Mode Battery Operation

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