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Hand Held Metal Detector ThruScan dX

ThruScan dX is one of the few certified Hand-Held Metal Detectors with a feature to adjust the sensitivity of the HHMD.


Alarm: Audio (Earphone-Vibration Optional) Visual (5 Level LED Vu-Meter)

Battery :1 pcs 9 V Ni-Mh 250 mAh (rechargeable and replaceable)

Charge Period : First Charge ~15 hrs latter charges 10 hrs.

Charger :Mains: 220V AC 50Hz - 12V DC 110mA

Current : Stand by 5 mA, Alarm ~15 mA

Battery Voltage Test : Battery Level Display on 5 Level LED Vu-Meter Display at Start Up. Audio-Visual Low Battery Indication for below threshold operation levels.

Up time : 40 hrs Operation at 10% Alarm Ratio and 50 hrs Operation on Stand By with a single charge

Material : ABS

Standards : CE Compliance, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1 (TS 2418 EN 61010–1)

Operation : Search Button Activation.

Sensitivity Adjustment : When in Operation touch button membrane keys (Up/Down) are used to increase and decrease the sensitivity (1st LED lowest sensitivity, 5th LED highest sensitivity).

Note: Special design to prevent false alarm from walkie talkies (radio frequencies)

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Test Object Min. Distance
9 mm MKE Pistol 17 cm
AM 7 (NILECJ Metal) 13 cm
AN 7 (NILECJ Metal) 12 cm
Paper Blade (2 x 13 cm) 10 cm
2 EUR Coin 9 cm
9 mm Bullet (rifle) 7 cm
Needle/Pin 2 cm

Technical Features

Package Dimensions

Operation Voltage: 12V DC 110mA

Dimensions: 5 x 9 x 41 cm

Operation Temperature: 20ºC / + 70 ºC

Weight :~420 g

Storage Temperature: 30ºC / + 75 ºC

ThruScan - dX

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