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ThruScan Hand held metal detector is one of the most effective and economic metal detector. Sensitive Body Scanner and performance uninterrupted. Preferred for Civic protections at Shopping Malls, Private companies Movie Theatres etc.


Alarm: Audio (Earphone-Vibration Optional) Visual LED indication

Battery: 1 pcs 9 V Ni-Mh 250 mAh (rechargeable and replaceable)

Charge Period: : First Charge ~15 hrs latter charges 10 hrs.

Charger: Mains: 220V AC 50Hz - 12V DC 110mA

Current: Stand by 3 mA

Battery Voltage Test: Audio-Visual Low Battery Indication for threshold operation levels. 

Material : ABS

Operation : On/Off switch operation.

Note: Special design to prevent false alarm from walkie talkies (radio frequencies)

Test Object Min. Distance
Pistol Browning 14 17 cm
Pistol C2 Model 75B 15 cm
Paper Blade (2 x 10 cm) 6 cm
Copper Tube(6cm) 5 cm
9 mm Bullet(Pistol) 5 cm
Razor Blade 5 cm
Cable(2x1.5mmZ-30cm) 3 cm

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Technical Features:

Package Dimensions (W x L x H):

Operation Temperature: -20ºC / + 70 ºC

Dimensions : 5 x 9 x 41 cm

Operation Voltage: 12V DC 110mA 

Weight:~420 g

Storage Temperature: -30ºC / + 75 ºC


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