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Tru-VEND® Pad Vending Machine

• Two Column / 1 Selection Box Vending Machines

 Vending MachineStorage Capacity

1- Hygienic Pad Machine : 60-65 Boxes Daily Hygienic Pads

2- Condom Vending Machine : 70-80 Boxes 3 in 1 Pack Condom

 Boxes StorageCapacity

• The machines are entirely mechanical and require noelectrical

supply or batteries.

• Wall Mount Space Saving Design

• Large advertising area

• Standard 1 Coin or 2 Coins Back to Back Operation

• Sturdy heavy duty construction with heavy gaugecold-rolled steel

cabinet, pickproof lock and quality all metal coinmechanism.

These vending machines are designed to be durable, towithstand

abuse and to have an attractive appearance.

• Powder epoxy finish; standard colors, which blends wellwith any


• Simple Operation Principle (Insert Money>> TurnHandle >>

Collect Dispensed Product)

• The machines have no door that can be prized off; theheavy

gauge steel front covers the machine entirely. Providing the

machine is bolted well to the wall, once the front is lockedto the

back, it is virtually impossible to break into the VendingMachine

• Bi-Color EMPTY/LOADED Indicator (Green/Red)

• Removable and interchangeable hoppers for easy loading and

machine mounting.

• MASTER KEY (Single Key Locking) for 50+ pcs lot ordersenabling

simplified field activities

• Color : Standard Beige & Cream

Different RAL Colors Applicable for Orders 50 +

• Production under ISO 9001: 2000 QMS Norms

• OEM Supply and Production availability for quantityorders.

Hygienic Pad Vending Machine

o Weight: 13,1 kg (Empty)

o Operation: Mechanical System

o Packed Dimensions (D x W x L)

Box 16 x 28,5 x 81,5 cm

o Operation Temperature: -20°C to +70°

90% Non Condensing Humidity