* Is technical personnel necessary for the mounting of the WTMD?

Mounting and dismounting this WTMD is very easy. The user can easily set it up and use it. Following the instructions in the manual step by step the mounting can be performed. Its design prevents false mounting. The male and female connectors are matched individually. Therefore the risk of false connection is minimized.

*There is NOT a proper GROUND at the mains. What should I do?

Never use your WTMD through mains without a proper ground. It is hazardous and not possible to operate WTMD in this circumstance with floating voltages.

* May I or any technical personnel take care of problems occurring by our WTMD?

If problems persist even after the completion of the instructions in the users manual and the section of solving problems, please contact out ASS-After Sale Services. Interference of unauthorized people may both cause worse problems with your WTMD and exclude it from the warranty.

*How many hours a day may I operate this WTMD?

The WTMD is designed for continuous operation of 24 hours.

*How do I clean it?

You may clean it with dry or damp clothing and/or with anti-static fluids for electronic      equipment. Never clean using direct water or chemicals, detergents etc.


*What kind of equipment do I need for mounting the WTMD?

All tooling and accessories for the mounting are included. You can mount without any extra equipment except an electric stroked drill.

*May I fix it from the top or the sides to other utilities?

This is an electronic equipment, so no procedures can be made such as cutting its panels or case or drilling it in order to stable or any other means.Otherwise warranty will be void. When necessary to fix your WTMD from the top or the sides, it would be best to fasten gently without harming it.

*Is it possible to use WTMD without fixing it to the ground?

It is not advised to operate WTMD which will be confronted to constant hits and bumps, without fixing it to the ground. Serious bumps may cause it to fall down.

*Would relocating the WTMD cause any failure?

Following the mounting and dismounting procedures in the user’s manual would not cause any failure.

*Are there any restrictions for the place of the mounting?

You should mount your WTMD as in the necessary distance, away from moving metal objects. This distance should at least be 1 meter depending on the type of the moving metal. Also the environmental conditions should match with the security class of your WTMD.

*Is it possible to have the mains input from Top to Bottom or Bottom to Top?

The standard position of the mains input for ThruScan WTMDs is at the back cover of the control unit. If the desired location for the mains input on the WTMD is clarified prior to the order, the mains input may be arranged to be on the desired point if allowed.

* I want to control my WTMD inside the building with the SRC-Remote Control SCADA Software. How should I arrange the connection?

A special connection cable is provided by the producer along with the Remote Control SCADA Software. Plug in the appropriate end of this cable to the socket explained in Section and the other end to the Communication Port of your computer (COM).

An example is explained in the picture below.

* I  want to synchronise my WTMDs and use the Remote Control SRC-SCADA Software at the same time. How should I make a connection ?

The same connector (SYNC/SRC SOCKET) socket is used for SRC-SCADA Remote Control and Synchronized operation. The terminals/wires(5-6) should be used from the “synchronizing operation cable” and has to be connected to computer or the modem. This process should be performed by a technical staff. This cable is provided as an accessory.

* What is the maximum distance could be between my computer and ThruScan?

It depends on the Cu-quality/Thinnet of the cable. With the cable supplied by the factory, you may have a data communication up to 100 meters.


*Does keeping the WTMD without operating for a long time require any adjustment or maintenance?

Storing in suitable conditions or keeping without operation does not cause any break downs or require new adjustments. However, failure may occur caused by rechargeable batteries. Because of this, the storage batteries have to be removed. See section 8.4

*How can I adjust the Sensitivity Level?

It is explained in the manual how to adjust the sensitivity level. Do not forget that if you increase the sensitivity the level will approach the 0 value.

*What is the recommended sensitivity level?

The level as the factory default is normally the recommended sensitivity level. However, it is further advised that the sensitivity level should be adjusted by the user, according to the needs of the place.

*Is it possible to operate the WTMD in places where there’s no mains line ?

Your WTMD would continue its standard operation in a power failure for approx. 2 hours with its UPS.This is a standard feature of The NEW ThruScan sX-i. For further durations the Extra Battery Pack should be connected to the WTMD.

It is possible to start the WTMD from UPS. This may allow a limited time operation as per the battery charge level.

*What do the coded error messages appearing on the display mean?

Your WTMD constantly monitors its own operations and displays the appropriate coded messages in extraordinary situations. These messages do not necessarily mean that your WTMD has a failure. They just indicate that there is an extraordinary situation related with its usage. In such cases the operating conditions of the WTMD should be checked and the technical service should be called. See section 6.4 for the coded error and warning messages in display.

*I forgot my password. What should I do?

Call your technical service or factory After Sale Services with your Warranty Certificate.

*What should the distance be between two WTMDs operating side by side?

There should be a distance of 30 cms at least, between two operating WTMDs. Read your manual first before operating two or more WTMDs side by side. See Section 6.13

*My WTMD generates an alarm constantly. What should I do?

Make sure that this is not related with any adjustments made over the necessary sensitivity level in consideration of environment. Do not forget that in high sensitivity adjustments, your WTMD can detect any metals from key chains to a metal part of a shoe and all these detection may cause false alarms.   Make sure that the adjusted sensitivity level is above the value measured in environment noise level.

*The traffic lights on the back of the WTMD are flashing red and green continuously. What should I do?

There is no proper ground/earth connection on the mains line of your WTMD. Have the connection checked and normalize the ground.

* The lights on the back of the WTMD are red all the time. What should I do?

Make sure that the mounting of the WTMD is made correctly, that the side panels are parallel and the distance in between is 72 cm and the connector connections are made properly.

*The WTMD is not detecting under any circumstances. What should I do?

Make sure that the connectors are plugged correctly and the ON/OFF Switch on the main card is ON position. Check whether there is any soldering failure or break off inside the connectors or wires.

*The WTMD is not giving an audio signal. What should I do?

Make sure the sound and tone are not shut off. Check the settings unit. Check the loudspeaker inside the Control Unit. See Section 4.1.4